Hail Damage

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Hail Repair

Hail storms have the potential to wreak havoc and cause extensive damage to your vehicle. Fortunately, the method of paintless dent repair can restore your vehicle back to its original condition much faster than conventional body shops. No more replacement of panels, extensive paintwork, and one week or more downtime.
Automotive Dent Solution's Hail Repair Services have been employed throughout the Carolinas. We have repaired hundreds of vehicles by partnering with body shops, insurance companies, and individuals and strive to provide top notch customer service and quality.

Automotive Dent Solutions can help guide you through the repair process from helping you set up the initial claim, writing a proper and accurate estimate, working with the insurance adjuster, and performing the repair.

Please give us a call if your vehicle has been effected by hail and allow us to show you the benefits of high quality PDR.

Below are some common questions and answers that may help you be better informed regarding hail damage claims.

  •  Will my insurance rates increase? - No. Hail damage is considered an "act of nature" and is covered under your comprehensive coverage and will not affect your premiums. Collision claims (if you're at fault) can possibly effect your rates.
  •  What if I don't get my vehicle repaired? - Most insurance companies require an unrelated prior damage restriction clause on your policy, meaning that future claims may be denied until your hail damage is repaired. Also, having an outstanding loan or lease requires you to repair your vehicle or you will be in breach of contract with your lien holder by not restoring your vehicle's value.
  • Can I choose where and who repairs my vehicle? - Absolutley! You, the consumer have every right to choose where and who performs repairs on your vehicle. Some insurance companies may recommend or "steer" you towards one of their DRP (Direct Repair Program) or "Preferred Program" shops. You should never feel pressured to take your vehicle to a specific repair facility no matter who recommends it. It's your choice!
  • My insurance company has already written an estimate. Do you still need to see the car for an estimate and why is your estimate higher? - Yes, oftentimes insurance adjusters write simplified initial estimates that may not reflect the true cost of repairs. Viewing the vehicle outside or lack of experience in estimating hail damage can be contributing factors to this. Once we have your vehicle clean and inside the shop, we use special lights to go over every panel and inspect for damage. Once these differences are determined, we work with your insurance company and ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly.